Healthy Aging with HIV

Although early mortality is delayed because of effective combination antiretroviral therapy (cART), people living with HIV (PLWH) need to take medication life-long. The cART has also shifted the spectrum of morbidity towards non-infectious complications such as cardiovascular and neurocognitive diseases that appear at an earlier age in PLWH than in HIV-uninfected individuals. Recent developments of -omics technologies have improved personalized medicine by providing a broad range of information ranging from genetics to metabolites. Using the big data both from clinics and -omics we aim to unravel the molecular mechanisms that contribute to the development of comorbidities more specific to cardio-metabolicand neurocognitive comorbidities in PLWHand to potentially generate novel therapeutic approaches for prevention. Our study thus will open the area of precision medicine in managing PLWH with comorbidities. Therefore, the study will generate relevant knowledge that can be translated into the future large clinical intervention study to prevent comorbidity and improve the life expectancyin PLWH.

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Key Publications:

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